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We are dedicated rental specialists focused on creating an improved, stress-free experience for our landlords and tenants. We allocate your property its own team of individual specialists to take care of every need.

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We've invested in the latest technologies to give landlords and tenants 24x7 online portal access to current lease and rent information, transaction histories, receipts, invoices and more.

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Other agents talk about good service. We put our promises in writing with NO fine print and NO strings. If you're not 100% satisfied with our service, you can cancel our agreement at any time.

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No obligation consultation on how to maximise the rental return on your investment property.

Google Customer Reviews for Wyndham Property Management
Wyndham Property Management
  1. KBL1974KBL19748 months agoWyndham Property ManagementMy time dealing with Carmen and the team at W.P.M has been the most satisfying and pleasant rental experience to date. And at 45 years of age, I've got a few rentals experiences under my belt.
    Carmen and the team looked after my daughter and I at every turn. Beyond being ever so friendly and approachable, they accommodated certain life situations that I experienced with graciousness and understanding.
    I can't speak highly enough of the team at W.P.M and would happily recommend them.
  2. James PhamJames Pham8 months agoWyndham Property ManagementNeeded a property to rent out, the speed, attention and service that these guys provide is something rare in the property industry. I dealt with Carmen and Sandra.

    Other agents fail to call back or even acknowledge my emails / expression of interest.

    Also when I reported some minor work required for the property they were quick to respond and fixed it quickly.

    Thank you Carmen and Sandra
  3. MarziehMarzieh11 months agoWyndham Property ManagementI'd like to thank dear Steve, Sandra and Carmen. I like to refer to their excellent service for us. I will reflect on their great service to our friends.Read more...
  4. Adrian BarbaraAdrian Barbaraa year agoWyndham Property ManagementIt is with great pleasure to state how impressed we are with the standard of service offered to us by Carmen and the professional team at Wyndham Property Management. iConstruct Electrical and WPM have been working together for some time now and have built a very strong relationship.
    WPM constantly demonstrate the highest level of customer service. Carmen is very prompt to respond to enquiries and her communication and management skills are second to none. I'm sure being a Property Manager can be difficult at times, especially being the "Middle Man" between trades, tenants and landlords however Carmen is always professional and fair in everything she does.

    iConstruct Electrical Services wish to you thank you for your ongoing work opportunities that you provide us. We look forward to business together in the future.
  5. fonsica alifonsica alia year agoWyndham Property ManagementBefore putting our house for lease, I did a lot of reserach on the best real estate agents in Wyndham who would be able to take care of our property in our absence. Wyndham Property Management stood out to be the best one in terms of service and expertise. I would like to thank Carmen for her amazing job and she made the leasing process incredibly easy for my husband and me. Her hard work and knowledge of what it takes to lease a home quickly paid off. I would also like to thank Sandra , her hardwork ethic and dedication is highly appreciated. Thank you very much Carmen for your knowledge, honesty and commitment. We would highly recommend Carmen to everyone. Thanks again to Wyndham Property Management for being such a pleasure to work with.Read more...