Re-lighting pilot lights on hot water units

The process of lighting a pilot light on a hot water unit varies as every hot water unit is different. 

STORAGE UNITS (TANKS) – Instructions for relighting a hot water tank can be found by opening the front cover on the tank.  If the instructions are damaged or faded, you will find brand specific instructions for relighting hot water services online by googling “How to light the pilot light on a <<insert brand name>> hot water service”.


This should reset the unit unless there is a further fault that needs attention.

INSTANTANEOUS – Same as solar above.

ELECTRIC – Unlike gas hot water that continues to heat throughout the day, electric hot water services generally only heat up once in a 24-hour period.  Most often this is at night time as the electricity rates are cheaper.  If living with other people, you will need to be sure they haven’t used all the hot water for the day, if your house mates have had a shower and the water is too cool for your shower, wait until the next morning to see if it reheats overnight. If you are the first person to have a shower for the day and there is no hot water, you may need an electrician to attend.  

Email Wyndham Property Management to arrange this:

Emergency Numbers

SP Ausnet

SP Ausnet are available 24/7 for emergencies.  They have a separate emergency line for both gas and electricity emergencies. 

If you are able to smell gas coming from the gas meter, call their 24-hour hotline on 13 67 07 

If the smell is coming from an appliance:

For an electricity emergency phone SP Ausnet on 13 17 99

Great Western Water

If you do not have water coming from any of the taps or if you have broken pipes or a leaking meter you can call Great Western Water on their 24-hour hotline on 13 26 42

Burst pipes/hoses

If you have a split pipe or hose turn your mains water supply off at the meter to avoid further damage until Plumber arrives.

Please note – Great Western Water are not plumbers.  If you have an internal blockage you will need to refer to information provided by your property Manager.

IMPORTANT!  Any blockage caused by something yourself or your guests, will make you responsible for the repair. 

All of these things will cause blockages that you will be responsible to have fixed. 

Storm damage

SES 24 hour emergency number: 13 25 00

After hours emergency contacts

ELECTRICAL: Iconstruct Electrical - 0412 249 151

PLUMBER: Ones and Twos Plumbing - 0421 872 777

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