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Wyndham Property Management
  1. Nick HoldenNick Holden2 weeks agoWyndham Property ManagementCarmen has looked after our investors for many years. She is extremely professional and thorough in an industry where this can quite often be lacking and yet is so necessary. Carmen has a lovely demeanour, appreciating the importance of both happy landlords and tenants. We highly recommend Carmen and WPM.
    Nick Holden - Director - Simple Property Investment
  2. Babu AkulaBabu Akulaa month agoWyndham Property ManagementWe came in contact with Carmen Littley over 4 years ago and Steve Harris about 8 years ago.
    It is very hard to write about Carmen Littley. Carmen is not a property manager but a care taker of the property in its true sense. Eye for detail; going an extra mile for client; organising and negotiating trades; maintaining compliance; periodical inspections,liaison with tenants and looks after every aspect of the property with passion.. Carmen does everything required on behalf of the property owner with great efficiency.
    Steve Harris - I trust his judgement, follow his advice and in the true Aussie way - Steve is an honest bloke.
    The combination of Steve Harris and Carmen Littley is Wyndham Property Management.
    This Property Management company is 7 star.I never write reviews and provide references especially on the world wide web.This is my first review since 1994.
    what your property needs is Carmen. Place it in the able hands of Carmen and she will take care of it.
  3. Kathy MihalikKathy Mihalika month agoWyndham Property ManagementCarmen is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Her understanding & knowledge is at its best. We had a very bad experience with Sweeny in Tarneit and she help us sort everything out and put smiles back on our face. Highly recommendRead more...
  4. Richo MitchellRicho Mitchella month agoWyndham Property ManagementVery happy with Carmen... she has made the whole leasing process a breeze and is very thorough when vetting potential tenants to ensure a trouble free experience. Thanks...Read more...
  5. Keseri MoodleyKeseri Moodley4 months agoWyndham Property ManagementWPA has reminded me of the fundamentals of great customer service. The journey to renting out my existing with WPA has been a smooth process. I’ve been looked after every step of the way. Best service I’ve received in the real estate market.Read more...